Members Documents

Signature Estates Covenants, & Restrictions

Amendments to Covenants and Bylaws 2.1.18

Signature Estates EX-A Legal Description

Signature Estates EX-B Articles of Incorporation

Signature Estates EX-C Bylaws

Signature Estates EX-D Plat Map

Administrative Documents

Electronic Notification Agreement & Directory Listing

Architectural Design Approval

Financial Statements & Budgets

SEHOA Profit & Loss 12.31.17

SEHOA Balance Sheet 12.31.17

SEHOA Profit & Loss 12.31.18

SEHOA Balance Sheet 12.31.18

HOA Budget 2019 Approved

HOA Budget 2018 Approved


Notice of Annual Meeting 5.15.19

Notice of Annual Budget Meeting 5.15.19

Notice of Annual Meeting 1.24.18

Limited Proxy 1.24.18

Proposed amendments to Bylaws and Declaration 1.24.18