Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mailing address for the Homeowner’s Association?

PO Box 273

Safety Harbor, FL 34695

What is the gate code and when does it work?

The gate code is 4167 Enter and works from 4am to 9pm everyday.

Is there a special code for events?

The event code is 0007 enter and must be scheduled 72 hours prior to an event. To schedule an event, email David Giorgione at with the day and time you would like the code active.

How do I obtain gate remotes?

To order a gate remote email David Giorgione at

How many gate remotes can I get?

Each home is entitled to up to four gate remotes, or the number of resisted vehicles, which ever is greater. Remotes in excess of four cost $35 each.

What do I do if I want to make changes to the exterior of my house or landscaping?

Fill out and submit the architectural design approval form, located under member documents , to the current Board Secretary.

When are the Board meetings and can I attend?

Board meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month. Check the upcoming events section of the webpage for more details.

All members can attend the Board meetings.

When is the annual Homeowner’s meeting?

We plan to have the annual meeting on the third Thursday each January.

How much are the annual dues and when and where do they have o be paid?

Dues in the amount of $3,200 must be paid no later than January 31st. Mail payments to PO Box 273, Safety Harbor, FL 34695

How do I update my contact information?

Fill out the contact form, located on the website, and include your updated information.

How do I post information for everyone in the neighborhood to see?

Fill out the contact form, located on the website, and include the information you would like posted.

Have a question not answered here; Fill out the contact form and a board member will respond.